How to Improve WIFI Speed in your Home


These days, just about everyone relies on the internet for work, school,
entertainment, shopping, networking, you name it. So, speed and connectivity
have become big issues.

Ideally, you want a fast, reliable connection — consistently.

If you have a router and connect with WIFI, here are some ways to boost the
• Occasionally unplug your router, wait ten seconds, and then power up
again. Routers get clogged with settings, protocols, code, you name it.
Resetting the router is like cleaning the pipes.

• Connect your computer directly to the router with an ethernet cord. This
hard-wiring will often double or even triple internet speed. The downside
is, you’re restricted by the length of the cord.

• Check that you have the best router for your internet plan. Some newer
high-speed plans require better routers, but you may not have been told
that when you upgraded.

• Experiment with the placement of your router. The ideal spot is often on
the main floor near the centre of your home. If possible, place it in an
open space away from walls and other obstructions.

• Consider using Mesh WIFI. These are little “satellite” WIFI stations that
you can place throughout your home. Your main router then connects to
these, creating a much stronger WIFI signal in areas that were formerly

Another way to improve your home WIFI is to contact your internet service
provider. They’re the experts in their system and can advise you on how to
create a better signal throughout your home.

How to Improve WIFI Speed in your Home