If you’re like most people, you go to see a doctor when you’re not
feeling well or have a health concern. However, you may also visit
your doctor for a check-up, or to ask questions about healthy living.
In fact, consulting your doctor for anything health-related is a smart
The same holds true when it comes to real estate.
Many people only call a REALTOR® when they’re planning on selling
their property or buying a new home, or both. While that’s an
important reason to speak to a REALTOR®, it’s not the only reason.
Indeed, there are many good reasons for you to give a good
REALTOR® a call. For example:

• If you have a question about the state of the local real estate
market. (Remember that it may be very different from what you
hear on the news about the national market.)
• If you want to get a sense of what homes are currently selling
for in the area.
• If you want to determine the current market value of your
• If you want to find out how much homes cost in
neighbourhoods you’d like to consider.
• If you’re thinking about the possibility of making a move, but
you’re not sure if it’s the right time.

In other words, don’t be afraid to contact a good REALTOR® when
you have a question or need some advice about the real estate

When to call a REALTOR®