How to Light your Home for an Evening Viewing


When you’re selling your home, you may find buyers who want to see it later in
the evening, when it’s dark outside. In that circumstance, effective home
lighting becomes more important.

The best place to start is with exterior lighting. If you have soft ground lamps
on the walkway, make sure those are turned on. That will make for a more
pleasant and inviting trip up the walkway.

Do you have motion detection lighting? Make sure those are set to continuous
lighting. It can be jarring for a buyer to be hit with an unexpected beam of
bright light when walking to your door.

Also, check the brightness of exterior lights. If they are bordering on blinding,
replace the bulbs with lower wattage options.

Inside the home, keep curtains and other window coverings open. Although it
may be dark outside, an unobstructed window will help make the room seem
more inviting and spacious.

Turn on your full lighting system in the backyard. Make that outdoor space
enticing for buyers to check out.

If you have dark areas in your home, such as a basement room or walk-in
closet, explore ways to light it better.

Overall, you want the lighting to help buyers see and appreciate the best
qualities of your property.

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How to Light your Home for an Evening Viewing