Your Spring Yard Sale Checklist


Thinking of having a yard or garage sale? It’s a great way to dispose of
unwanted items and other clutter, especially if you’re thinking of moving. In
addition, yard sales have a charm that selling items on the internet can’t
match. That’s why they’re still so popular.

If you’re planning a yard or garage sale, here are some helpful tips:

• Two-thirds of garage sale shoppers will find you via signage. So, be
sure to place plenty of signs around the neighbourhood that clearly
point buyers to your location.

• Place in-demand items closer to the street so shoppers can see them
from a distance. (For example, computers, electronic games, bicycles,
exercise equipment, furniture.)

• Buyers don’t want to pay a “fair” price at a garage sale. They want a
bargain basement deal! So, price items accordingly.

• Open early in the day. You’ll find that the biggest shoppers (the deal
hunters) will stop by before 9 a.m. Some will be there before you open!
• Be sure to have some cash on hand to make change.

Of course, you should also be as safe as possible and comply with all
applicable public health guidelines.

If some items don’t sell, consider donating them to a community thrift shop or
dropping them off at a recycling centre.

Good luck with your sale!

Your Spring Yard Sale Checklist